Think about this alternate internet reality...

Imagine that your every move while browsing the Web was monitored and organized by a single person...

A person who knew your internet habits and hobbies...

Your favorite

social media site

retail store

& music and video streaming sites

...and was overall an expert at knowing about and navigating your online life.

This person is called a 'computer operator'. They would exist because the algorithms to track internet users' activity that suggest similar content were never implemented,

meaning that the role of humans in computer operations was never replaced by technology itself.

So... some stranger tracks your every move on your computer, and picks up on your typical activities, then generates content on your screen that they think you'll like. How does this make you feel?


Angry that another human is violating your privacy?

Now ~back to reality~ thanks to Internet Cookies computer operators like these don't exist!

An internet cookie is a small piece of data that websites continuously insert onto a user's computer or web browser as they use their device. They record and remember everything such as shopping cart items, frequently browsed sites, and even information like names and addresses, that then appear on one's screen as suggested content (still a little creepy though... right?).

Thanks to the genius of programmer Lou Montulli,

these computer-generated algorithms have been a part of our Web experience since 1994.

The cookie concept has come under fire as public awareness has increased...

however, cookies exist essentially to help corporations, companies, and businesses advertise based on our internet behavior.

Now, the goverment internet surveillance conspiracy is a whooooole 'nother story.

But we won't get into that.

Let's just value our freedom of exploration on the Web, and be thankful that complete strangers aren't controlling our every move!

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